Clip Jar FAQ

The app is currently in an early version. If you found bugs in app, please give us feedback. Thank you for using our product.


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What happens if a free version creates more than 100 clips?

Please feel free to use it. Clips that exceed the limit will not be deleted. However, there will be red text at the bottom of the clip list to remind you of the usage status.

Free Version VS Paid Version

The free version has the same basic features as the paid version. There is no limit on the number of clips, but you will be notified when saved more than 100 clips.

The paid version supports some additional features:

  • iCloud sync (beta version)
  • Sort app shortcuts
  • Quick Action and more copy options
  • Advanced home screen widget
  • Advanced export
  • All new features …

How to restore my purchase?

Open settings and tap on the first image, and then the app will show a card about Clip Jar Pro. Click “Restore Purchase” and wait, App Store will sync your purchase info.

How to change color/type/notes?

You can open details via the rightmost icon, then you can modify color, type and notes.

How to pin a clip to the top section?

Try to swipe left on the clip you want to pin, then tap the orange icon. You can also long press on that clip and pin it from the context menu.

Can I copy both the title and content?

Yes, just long press on the clip, and tap the “Copy clip and title” option.

Long press + button for quick add

Skip the input step, create a clip from pasteboard text

How to use Quick Action?

The icon behind content is for quick action. If the icon shows up and color is blue, quick action is available. The following actions are currently supported:

  • Open link in content
  • Send mail
  • Call the recognized phone number
  • Search the address in Map

How to hide middle digits for the card number

If a card-type clip contains only numbers, long press on it will show the “Hide Middle Digits” option. The copy result will be:

4000123456789999 -> 4000********9999